Selita Ebanks Nude

Selita Ebanks Nude

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Selita Ebanks Naked

Selita Ebanks Nude
When Kanye West wanted Selita Ebanks nude in his Runway” short film, she said immediately “No”. She responded that there was no any chance that there ever would be Selita Ebanks Nude on TV. So finally the rapper has changed his artistic desires and adapted them to Selita after several negotiations on this matter. It has been negotiated that the costume has to be respectful so evenntually both parties have been happy. The design of the costume was some artfully feathers strategically covering her nude body plus a pair of detailed wings. The wings were created by Phillip Lim. Ebanks was to appear as a phoenix that came from the idea generated by Kanye West. His album’s cover featured a naked phoenix. Obviously, the topic and vision of a naked phoenix as a metaphor of destruction before rebirth was something Kanye have thought for a while. But since Selita Ebanks refused to come out as a naked phoenix, they still worked it out peacefully during the work during the photoshoot in Prague. Selita comments on the work with Kanye as very easy and that everything coming from Kanye is coming from his artistic vision. In addition Selita said she was honored and flattered to be chosen for this project.

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